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First-Rate Anonymous Counselor

Welcome to Speak - Anonymously, your trusted source for confidential and anonymous counseling service. As a counselor, I understand that life can be challenging, and sometimes we all need someone to talk to without any judgment or fear of being identified. That's why I offer anonymous speaking sessions where you ...

How I Work

At Speak - Anonymously, I offer a safe space where you can share your thoughts and feelings about any topic without fear of judgment or being identified. As a fellow human navigating the highs and lows of life, I understand the importance of having someone to talk to who can listen and offer guidance. That's why ...

My Services

Anonymous Counseling Services

Anonymous Counseling Services

Anonymously Speak

My goal is to allow human beings to be understood, heard, and valued without bias, or judgment. In a safe and calm environment, you can …
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$100.00 per 2 hour session


  • By appointment only
  • Debit & Credit Cards accepted
  • Female-owned
  • Venmo accepted
  • Cashapp accepted
  • Absolute secrecy